History Of Sunnyside Farms Market

Sunnyside Farms Market was opened in 2002 by Durango native, Holly Zink. As a fifth generation descendent of Durango farmers, ranchers, innovators and business owners, Holly was instilled with an entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of pride in her family’s hometown heritage and a strong connection with local agriculture and her community. Sunnyside Farms, the butcher shop’s namesake, remains today a living farm in the southern river valleys of Durango. It’s also a big part of Holly’s family’s history and her fondest childhood memories, having grown up running around the farm and driving tractors, playing in alfalfa fields and handling livestock throughout her childhood. Named one of Colorado’s Centennial Farms in 2017, Sunnyside Farms claims a place in Southwest Colorado’s history of shaping the agricultural landscape and farming culture of Durango and La Plata County in the early to mid-1900s.

Inspired by her family’s farming roots while attending CU in Boulder, Colorado, Holly worked in the butcher shop at a natural foods market and it was where she realized that her dream would be to open a butcher shop of her own. After graduation, she went on to attend the meat sciences program at CSU and subsequently interned at meat processing facilities in Weld County, Colorado to further educate herself about all aspects of the meat business. Sunnyside Farms Market then opened in partnership with its sister business, Sunnyside Meats (the area’s only USDA inspected meat processing facility), which is owned by Holly’s father, Jerry Zink. Together, the businesses act as an avenue to supply the finest all-natural meats from local growers to local households and restaurants throughout the community.

Today, Sunnyside Farms Market has worked hard to become Durango’s local craft butcher shop, committed to providing only the best products from farm to table. Sunnyside carries all natural meats raised by local ranchers and farmers that uphold the highest standard of sustainable practices, land stewardship and humane animal treatment. They also carry a premium selection of quality seafood and poultry, sourced from the most reputable brands that are also committed to their own gold standard of quality and sustainable practices.

In addition to offering a quality of product that is second to none, Sunnyside Farms Market is known for its dedication to outstanding customer service. The staff at Sunnyside provides a friendly, relaxing and helpful atmosphere that customers can truly enjoy while they shop. Holly and her husband Jesse lead a highly trained and competent staff of craft butchers who are happy to share recipes and give cooking and menu suggestions to every customer, from the die-hard backyard grilling enthusiast and culinary aficionado to the person who is cooking their first holiday dinner.

And for those in need of quality meat processing services, contact their sister company Sunnyside Meats.

Thank you for your patronage. We look forward to seeing you at the shop!
Holly Zink, Owner and Proprietor – Sunnyside Farms Market

Our Commitment to You:

Excellent service by our skilled and friendly craft butchers
Everything we offer is of unrivaled quality
Our products are sourced locally whenever possible
We purchase from local ranchers who use only non-GMO feed
All products sourced outside our region meet our high standards
for humane handing techniques and responsible ecological practices

Holly Zink and the Sunnyside Crew